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Song of Troy

So, recently I've started playing in a through Livejournal RPG called song_of_troy. I am playing Hera and Chryseis. It's been a lot of fun so far, but would be more fun if there was a Zeus... . Right now we are about 2 years before the war.

In other news, my toe still hurts, a lot. but after lots of putting it up and icing it, it's not purple anymore. I'm still not sure if it's broken. i can walk on it (sort of) and bend it, but it's at a strange angel in comparison to my other toes...well, at least i know how to deal with toe injuries (tape it to the toe next to it, keep it up, ice it). i've been getting them since i was 2 or 3. hey, maybe i could add that as a skill on my resume.

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