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well, I'm back at Smith. My room is a MESS!!!!!!! but I have a left-handed desk *YAY* they changed my dresser on me to one that is sooo much smaller. There is no way I can get my clothing in there. but i've e-mailed RADS so we'll see what's happening.

Things I need to buy - an extension cord so that I can have light by my bed, a large something or other to hold all of my folders/notebooks/etc from previous years, a futon, sheets for said futon.

Things that have gone missing - my cloak, my comforter. grrr. Well, maybe as soon as I hear from RADS about the dresser and get stuff cleaned up everything will be found.

I feel much better to be back than I thought I would. I was really scared about coming back, but things are ok. A lot of people moved out of this house. We'll see how it is once the year starts.

I'll write more about all that is happening in my life when I have more time.
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