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a live update

I haven't written in forever, so I'll try to write down all the important stuff.

Was in NYC from Tues 8/28 to Thurs 8/30 with Cim and Dad.
On that wed, Cim and I took the subway (by ourselves - this was a big deal for Cim b/c she had never ridden the NY subways with out at least one of our parental units before) to the Village. I showed her where our cousins' lived. She was impressed. Then we walked up and down 8th St. (which turns into St. Mark's Place). They have THE COOLEST stores on that street!!! We walked into awesome clothing, music, drug stores, you name it! I think that this made Cim even more exicited about going to SLC. And I got my senior hat at this place called Trash&Vaudville. (that's not me in it, duh) Mine flops around more than that one does. I also picked up a new surround. Cim found a really cool vinnal skirt for $20! I LOVE THE VILLAGE!!!

We took the subway back to the hotel and then dad got back with tickets to the ROCKY HORROR SHOW. I had the best time there. The really cute member of the swing sat on my foot (long story). Dick Cavett was the narrator and Daphne (from RENT) was Magenta. Cim made Janet crack up laughing when she called out "it was easy, but it would have been easier without the pantyhoes." Just so people know, you can dress up and yell stuff out. Sometimes the actors will react to what you yell. It's a really wonderful experiance. Anyone who can make it to NYC and see RHS should.

Thurs I took the train to Springfield. It was actually a very nice ride. I think that that is now going to be my perfered way of getting to the City (like during fall break and stuff).

Friday we ran Broadside's X-men game into the ground. oops.

I was also having issues with returning to school and stuff. could have been enhanced by PMS.

sat/sun was Game Bob. Had a good time, even though the PCs made lots of mistakes and some people were upset that we couldn't seem to kill anything.

mon - packed, moved back into my room (somewhat)

tues - ITS training. mostly boring. wrote good stories with Amythyst, Lil' J., and L.
Then Haven. I'll miss the place, but i'll see the people next week

wed- amherst class. It took me a while to find the building and the room. The class is really big for a greek class. I so don't remember any of my greek!!! But hopefully some of it will come back. The prof seems really nice. then back to smith for more its training. still boring, but learned some useful pointers.

I've started charging people a quarter to help them with their computer problems :)

At the All-Campus BBQ SSFFS sat together. as usual. we talked about the fact that the dudette won't be around. so BM is taking over the pres. but now there is no VP. said i would do it. no one else minded. We're going to talk more at the officer's meeting. R2 said that she would be the other college liason. saw R3. told her that there might be an opening for jobs at the USC.

For Convocation my house was dressing like Super Heros. All superheros need their villains, so i dressed at Catwoman. very black slinky clothing with a tail, a mask, and cat ears in my hat. Convocation was a blast! we screamed and yelled (we even got to yell "Ruth" once) and carried on. it was the best. screaming 0h-Two at the top of my lungs gave me such a good feeling. I'm very glad to be back at Smith. Everyone who spoke gave really good speaches, espically Connoly(sp!). I'll miss this next year.

After, Allegra and her friend showed up at my dorm and i taught them munchkin. Lil' J. showed up part way through it. We didn't finish the game b/c we all had classes, and Aerith wanted to talk to me.

Today I went to two classes
Child and Adolecent Growth and Development seems interesting. I'm not sure what taking it with Aerith will be like. Either really good or really bad. The teacher seems ok. A little dry though. but no major papers, only quizes and tests.
Comedy and Romance seems really cool. I love Greek plays!! The prof seems good, but he is so quiet that it's hard to hear him, and the accent makes it worse. I think it will be a really good class.

There are some cool looking people in my doom. There is one really quiet goth on my floor. I'll have to get her to open up. I'm trying.

Things that are lost: my cloak, my old dresser - i don't like this one. i want my old one back.

my room is mostly together. some clothing on the floor. have to figure out what to do with the milkcrates. I am missing my Athena plack. but my alter is set up, all of the "big" things are on the wall, so now i just have to put up the post cards. and organize my desk. Then I will really be ready to be here. i love the way my room is set up, i will have to thank Aerith again!!!

i think that's all i have to say. I have to do a lot of greek studying. Maybe i'll e-mail the prof and see about going to Amherst an hour early to work with her. I love greek plays soo much. I really want to understand greek and be able to know all the forms and silly thiings like that.

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