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The holidays

Written on saturday
Well, the holidays have come and gone.

The Channuka celebrations went well. The first night of it went very well with Safire and 3G and the Frenchman. Made latkahs and lit the first candle.

The next night my dad and ada showed up. I made pizza-macharoni for them which I timed very well. Got to light the candles with my father for the second-seventh night which was nice.

Their visit went very well concidering that my toe is still hurting and Aerith came home from work last Saturday with a fever of 101.5. It broke that night, but he still had a small fever for the next few days. There went all the plans out the window. But the visit was still good. :) Introduced them to Lilo and Stitch and The Italian Job as well as the IMDB which they'd never seen.

On sunday Dad and Ada and I went over to Amherst for brunch and then just drove around Amherst, UMass, Smith, and the area a bit so Ada could see the a bit of New England and New England colleges.
end what was written saturday

New Plan, highlights of the visit:
Being with Daddy, whom I hadn't seen in a year and a half.

Being able to do some serious shopping - Space Crime, Costco, Stop&Stop.

Playing Apples to Apples with Dad, Ada (hehe, i just realized that those words are reverse words to make one from the other, just switch the d's and a's...ok, i'm a dork), and Aerith. I lost extra horribly, but it was so much fun.

Treating Dad and Ada to Osaka's habatchi table. The guy made a heart out of the fried rice and used the spatula to make it look like it was beating.

Having Dad with me for 5 out of 7 of the nights of Channuka.

Being up at midnight on Yule and privately lighting my own candle and saying my own blessings for the return of the sun.

Going to Aerith's sisters' on X-mas Eve day and everyone getting along with each other. Aerith and his 10 year old nephew played some old 80s arcade game all the way through on the PS2. He just worships Aerith so much, it was so nice to see them playing together. Unfortunatly we got him a game for x-mas that he already has, so we need to get him something else. We also went out to lunch with them. His 2 year old niece was asleep in the corner on jackets the whole time, it was so cute!!!!

Playing with the new Comcast "On Demand" feature and therefore getting to watch some of Monty Python's Flying Circus with Daddy.

Going to see "Return of the King" on X-mas day. It was a good thing that we got our tickets the day before b/c the show was entirely sold out (sorry again to the Frenchman). Over all I liked the movie, but I had some problems with it. I guess I'll have to see the extended version. (note to self: see all extended versions)

Them leaving on Friday so Aerith and I got a nice relaxing weekend to ourselves.

And now, the most important part, the loot (for both Aerith and I):
A menorah (from mom - for both x-mas and channuka)
Another year of paid membership for me from Cimmy
BNL tickets (floor, center, 18th row) for Valentines Day at UMass (from Aerith and I to each other)
A new leather CD case with a celtic knot design on it
some small chocolate bottles with alcohol in them
More chocolate
2004 season passes to Six Flags
Apples to Apples expansion pack 3
Sandman 7 (Brief Lives)
A calendar (mom says that she got me one also and she'll be sending it to me)
GrandTurismo 3
Midway Games collection of old arcade games
San Diago State Tee-shirts
money - some of which was spent on a wireless PS2 controler and a copy of Grunts.
A lilac terry-cloth robe for me and a navy one for Aerith. They are so warm and fuzzy.
And best of all, Dad noticed that I had one of his mother's old twin size comforter and sheets and he currently has the other comforter, so Aerith and I got a new queen size flannel comforter and nice navy flannel sheets in exchage :)

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