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Start of the 2004

So, it's the new year.

I just looked over my archives for the year. It started off so well, and then fell and crashed so badly, only for it to get better.
Let's see, I got a girl back, had the same issues, lost said girl and then had to deal with some really intense hurt. Got stable hours at work, got layed off, was able to take a class on Catullus b/c of it but still haven't found a new job. Got kicked out of the apartment I was living in, but ended up buying a house. Got handfasted, got thrown off track/confused, then got engaged, and am now starting to think about the wedding.

Over all I've done a lot of growing. Especially when it comes to dealing with "the real world" which still scares me sometimes. I'm still not sure where I want my life to go, but hey, who said I have to decide on that now. I know that nomatter what, lordaerith will be by my side.

So, what can I look for in 2004? Hopefully a job that I like. Maybe starting grad school (i really need to get my act together about this). More wedding planning. Oh, and staying inside on April 5th. April 5ths are evil.

This year I resolve to get better at making phone calls that need to be made when I need to make them.

And to kick off the new year, new icons (since i just found out that paid users can now have up to 15).

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