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list time

The weekend was good. The Abberant game went really well. It ended up being at my house - 8 guys and me. Don't worry, Safire, I made sure to represent for the girls ;). While here, Wyleblade gave Aerith and I a copy of Avenue Q. OMG! Just the funniest thing ever. Songs like "The Internet is for porn" and "You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love." They want to build a "Monster Sorry" school. I'm listening to it this morning and laughing so hard. It's sooo disturbing!

ok, to do:

  • Call temp agencies
  • Call Mt. Holyoke about job
  • Send out a resume or two - or maybe not, as was called by someplace that i sent a resume to last week.
  • Do 3 things of handwashing
  • Pick up the downstairs a bit
  • Organize the million business cards/pamphlets gotten at expo
  • Eat lunch
  • Maybe go shopping with Kiten?
  • Try to go to new goth night in Springfield if not exhausted

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