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Kiten and Konstruct

Went shopping with Kiten yesterday. Express is having a HUGE sale on it's winter stuff so I was able to get 2 more pairs of the most comfortable pants in the world for $15 each (these are $60 pants). Am sooo happy. And hanging out with Kiten was great. We totally had the woman behind the counter cracking up.

I made chicken in a crushed tomato sauce w/spices for dinner. it came out really well. I experimented with some of the spices and it was yummy! And I just love my cookwear set. I washed the pot today (it was soaking overnight) and all the sauce just ran off of it, even in the places where the water it was soaking in didn't reach.

After dinner I went through about 3 outfits and finally decided on the dress from The Black Rose (in London). My makeup came out wonderfully (i have eyelashes). Then Kiten and AutumnLaughing picked me up and we went out to Konstruct (the new goth night in Springfield). I had a blast! The club itself it pretty nice. It has a really good vibe to it. Got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in ages. I spent most of the night talking to either Kiten, AutumnLaughing, or both. It was so great to be around both of them again. I missed that energy. I wish I could have danced some, but I made sure to wear the big toe still hurts anti-dancing boots. good thing too, i forgot just how much standing is done at clubs. We left around midnight b/c we are old fogies and also b/c my toe was really starting to bother me. Had good conversations on the way home too.

The only really down part to the whole night was Aaddam burning a hole in his jacket by not realizing a candle was behind him. Well, we were just waiting for the other shoe to drop *ducking* (kiten and i cheered him up w/some AWEFUL foot puns).

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