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so, i've been experimenting w/food stuffs a little. Tonight was lamb chops marranated in a garlic and pepercorn sauce and then sauteed (b/c w/my amazing pans the sautee juices just come right off) and couscous. It came out really well and felt very mediteranian. :) I'm glad b/c I forgot how much I like lamb.

in other news, i've decided to bite the bullet and apply for grad school. This means getting transcripts and recomendations (both people i've asked said they were more than happy to do this for me). It also means schedualling to take the GREs and setting up an interview at UMass. Oh, and writing a "why I want to do this" statement. bleh.

and I have a temp job starting monday, an interview for one that i'd rather do tomorrow and an interview for a real job on friday. I'm excited.
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