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b/c everyone loves lists

I had a weird dream this morning where I was on the streetcar (i don't remember how i got there) and then I got out and was at the back of Tulane (behind the campus center) and there was this big party going on, but it was scetchy so I called some people and they came and got me - 2 guys (one was the Frenchman) and 1 girl. Then my cell rang and it wasn't from anyone I knew and he wanted to know if i was coming back to the party. Then I was in my mom's bed w/some male (Aerith?The Frenchman?) next to me and the phone rang again and it was a guy asking me to come back to the thing at tulane. I asked him how he got my mom's number. I think I told him I was trying to sleep. It was strange.

To Do:

  • Brave the cold and put money on the laundry card
  • Do a warm wash and a cold wash
  • Sign up for the GREs. - Jan 31 at 8am
  • Contact UMass about an interview
  • Start on personal statement -well, i put some ideas on paper, that counts, right?
  • 2pm interview near the mall.
  • 4pm meeting w/ex-prof
  • 7pm - TREK!

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