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bad wedding dream

ugh, I just had a wedding nightmare:

Everyone was there, but the Mad Russian wasn't. We were waiting for her. She finally shows up and we're all on the stage of the place where the wedding was. It was indoors, I think it was the Helen Helen Hills Hills Hills Hills Chapel Chapel, but more stage-y, kind of combine it with JMG. The Mad Russian gets there with some guy and they both come on the stage but then he goes back down into the audience. Then the bridesmaids/maid of honor and i go off stage left into this waiting area. Safire and one of the other bridesmaids had their candles and they wanted to burn some flowers with them. Either lilacs or lavander (the plants were in the hallway where we were waiting...there was also a whiteboard there). I told them it couldn't be lavander b/c of Aerith's allergies. So they picked the flowers off of the bushes. Then Cimmy (the maid of honor) was wearing this bright red dress that looked almost like neglige and not a dress, it definatly wasn't Ren. And the Russian's dress was sort of Ren but was green and purple-ish brown, which i finally decided was ok.

So then the cerimony starts and they go up on stage one by one. And the candles keep going out and the order of going on stage is all wrong and the two girls are trying to drop these flowers everywhere around the main alter all filled with candles. The Earth candle is the nearist to me and the Russian and this random short guy were trying to light them. And my candle was going out and i bent over to light it on the Mad Russian's candles which she was trying to light and I felt all dizzy when i bent over.

Then there were images of animals being trapped underwater, but i have no clue where they came from or if it was a related dream.

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