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posted on break

Since my trainer is currently busy with other things, I figured I'd write up some of what is going on.

So, I started a new long term temp job on Monday. The drive isn't too bad, about the same time (if not less) than it took me to get to RCN. Except it's in the opposite direction, which really messes with me (especially on the way home - I'm supposed to be driving into the sunset, not away from it).

Anyway, I get to the place without much hassle and I find out that there are 3 other people starting with me. While we are all waiting for them to take our pictures for id tags (which we already know, based on how I never wore them at RCN that I hate wearing) and for someone to come and get us and tell us what's up, we start talking. It turns out that 2 of the 3 live somewhere close to me so we start talking about carpooling. And the 3rd one went to Smith, knows some of the Smithies that I know and used to work here before, so she knows verbena76; and she has the same first name as my sister. So we are starting to bond and stuff and I'm thinking, "wow, this is good. there's someone here who seems to like me and all of us will be starting together and so we'll bond closer." But life can never be that easy.

Eventually this person who has been shouting down the stairs at the security guard comes downstairs to give us the paperwork that we need. She starts talking to all of us, "I'm so glad that all of you are going to be working here. Please forgive us, we're a little disorganized, blah blah blah. We don't even have extensions for you yet, except for Athene." wait a minute...why me? She goes on a little bit, "You all will be starting training, learning medical insurance terms, etc, except Athene." ok, so I don't need to take the training. why? I'm starting to freak out a bit here. Am I not good enough? will I be doing something lower? what's going on?

So, we get a quick tour of the place and then the others are dropped off in training and I am led to my cubicle and find out this seemingly disorganized woman is my supervisor. I find out that there's this place down in Texas that is closing on March 31st, so I am learning a job from a woman down there. Basically what this means is that there is this program that lets us see each other's screens and they've given me a headset so we can talk and train long-distance. I'm going to be doing address changes and credible coverage, or something like that. Ok, a little weird, but not bad. Of course I'm wondering why I'm singled out and is it better or worse that I've been chosen to do this special thing.

But of course things again are never easy. It takes a good chunck of the morning to log me onto my computer and all the various and sundry programs that I need to be using. At least I am quick with computers and they see that b/c at one point the one woman who is helping me just gives me details of the info that I need and has me call tech support (which is in India, btw). So, logged into computer, various programs w/awful GUI (they're probably at least 10 years old), and e-mail. From e-mails received figure out how to change more passwords for programs including the direct connection one that will let me talk to the trainer and see her screen. I also have to unplug the handset from the base of the phone to plug in the headset. So now I have the handset sitting on the phone to keep it hung up, but i have to pick up using the headset.

Is now lunch time. No one from the training class has told me this. I feel very left out. I find them in the caffeteria, but they have to leave soon after I get there. At least I got to discuss car-pooling w/curly-hair.

After lunch, the trainer still hasn't gotten in touch with either my supervisor or myself. So they have me pull folders from a filing cabinet and put them in boxes. At least it makes an hour go by really quickly.

I take a break and sit down at my desk. We still haven't heard anything from the trainer. So I e-mail her and try to call her (but the call doesn't go anywhere, not even voicemail). Finally she e-mails me back. Then I log into this chat/sharing screen's program and she her on there. So we start talking. Then she calls me. At least she is nice. I really feel for her, having to train her replacement over the phone/internet like this, espcially when it's because she's being layed off and not leaving volunterally. It takes us forever to set up the screen sharing b/c either I can't see it or the page won't load or my passwords are being reset, but finally we get it right. Of course I don't have any of the paperwork that she has and she's not really sure what I need to learn. But she shows me some of the processes that I'll be doing. I start to get an idea of what's going on, but it's not that easy without the paperwork. So then the mail comes in on her end, so she goes to make sure that copies of it get fex-ex'd to me so that i'll have something to work with.

I spend the last 30 minutes pulling the rest of the files.

This morning I show up and the trainer is online, but isn't responding to me. I leave her a message on her phone (i finally figure out how to call her). So I try to look busy (and write some of this). Eventually I go an talk to my super about sitting in on the training class so I can learn some of it, since super told me yesterday that the origional plan was to put everyone through training and then figure out who would specilize in what, but they just don't have time to do that anymore. I'm told that what the class is learning right now is not what I need to learn, but I am given a packet of info on the insurance that is actually really useful for me to go over, espcially the Eligibility Requirements stuff.

I just read over a huge chunk of it. I think I get about 80%.

Also got a message from my trainer. She is really busy with something else, but she faxed me some screen shots so i can familerise myself with the screens that I'll be looking at.

ohh, i just got some paperwork of stuff that I have no clue what to do with yet, but hopefully will soon.

Maybe the day will actually pick up. I hope so b/c if not, my training will start tomorrow.

ohh...just got a new message: will start training in about an hour.

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