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the job update

The job is going much better now that i have an idea of what i am doing. Thanks to Sametime, trainer and I can watch each others screens. once i got the paperwork yesterday, she went through a bunch of it with me and i watched what she was doing, took notes and asked questions. Then after lunch I got to try it myself. Then this morning when i got to work there was another fax with more paperwork and a message to try it myself. So i did, putting asside the stuff i didn't understand, and i figured out some shortcuts for the program (like typing SSNs into notepad so i don't have to keep entering them - thanks RCN). Then we went over the questions that i had and i got another fax with more paperwork. I also got a chunk of mail which was returned b/c the people moved and i learned how to handle that. Then she had to go so I got through the "dailies" and started doing addresses which generated some questions. At least I can chat w/trainer over Sametime and she can answer my simple questions.

Basically what i do is get letters with Certification of Credible Coverage (CCC) or for Full-Time Student (FTS) for students. Then I have to make sure that we have the information that we need, that the paperwork wasn't forged or fudged in any way, and then if acceptable, put the info into the computer. I also have to enter change of addresses into the system and figure out if we need to send the letter back to them. The entering isn't that hard, but sometimes the finding of information is.

Of course the problem is that no one in the office has worked out the paper flow yet. The one I really need is to find out who to give the letters that got returned to us to so that they get sent back out. And they don't know yet. *rolls eyes*

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