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friday- Saw Jay and Silent Bob again. Somehow it just wasn't as funny the second time. And the middle really really dragged.

Sat- had class. grrr. but i am doing well. Understanding a lot more now that I have a strong latin basis.
Went to the Mall to meet up with Aerith. he got his hair cut. ok, it needed it, but couldn't he have left it just a LITTLE bit longer?? Ended up on a sugar low. had to go to burger king. why does aerith get mad whenever this happens? I don't mean it to. he needs to realize that i really can't fuction when it happens and i need to be taken care of and told "we are going here and you are eating now." I'm glad it doesn't happen often.

Aerith ran his D&D game that night. So much fun!! he really screwed us over, but we got a hell of a lot done. I would like Allegra to join our game, but Aerith isn't sure. I think the more he gets to know her, the more he will like her.

Sunday - did some homework and some cleaning. Bought a futon!! hurray!!!! got sheets for said futon. arranged it in my room. hurray for big cumfy beds!!!
went to the ASP meeting. There are a lot of good first-years. I'm exicited about this year! It should be really good. we planned Mabon and I got a Treasurer in Training, who also happens to game!!!

Then the house meeting. ugh, could it get any more boring? I want to take all of the house officials aside and give them voice projecting lessons. Everyone was quiet when i introduced myself. why? b/c I projected my voice and spoke clearly and concisely. thank you years of theatre training. the meeting took almost 3 hours.

Had a talk with HR about Miss Priss. I feel better about getting that off of my chest. Then we talked about the posiblity of having senior coctails once a month or something. That could be soo much fun!!!

Cleaned up and organized my room. I feel ready to start the semester for real now.
Watched the end of the "House of Yes." had seen part of it before. such a weird movie!!!

realized that I really should have washed my sheets first. oh well.

time to get ready for classes.
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