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So I got another bill back about Aerith's dental claim. I finally got to speak to a person (shock of shocks) at the insurance place and they said the reason why it didn't go through was that the claim was put in for a dependant/child/other and it should have been put in for spouse/significant other. I called my old place of employment's hotline and got confirmation of that. So I called the dentist to let them know, but they are closed this week. I left a detailed message. I guess I'll call them back on Monday.

Also set up an interview for UMass. And called temp agency to let them know i was taking a half-day that day.

Also washed dished, did washed the sheets, did lots of GRE prep work (mostly math review), cleaned the upstairs bathroom (except the shower), ate lunch, talked to my mother, went to Hadley to deposit money in bank account, and rented two movies - League of Xtraordinary Gents and a directors cut of Streetcar Named Desire. Am very very happy about the idea of a directors cut. But i doubt they'll put back in the monolouge about homosexuality.

Tonight at 7 i have a RP date for song_of_troy. Then either movie, Konstrukt, or picking up sylvanstargazer at the airport (I never got yay or nay confermation from her)
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