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Make it so

In honor of Thursday Trek nights, Star Trek Meme, gacked from athanata

Boldly Go Where No LJ Has Gone Before

You and all of your LJ buddies are suddenly thrust 400 years into the future, and you find yourselves on board a Federation Starship. Holy crap, the Trekkies were right. And now you and your friends have to form a skeleton crew to man the ship and get it safely to the nearest starbase. Which of your friends would be best qualified to fill which positions on the crew? Feel free to explain your choices, although some selections may speak for themselves. Don't forget to assign yourself a position.

Captain - guardian_lm - b/c he's a fun captain when playing Puzzle Pirates
First Officer - verbena76
Science Officer - wabres
Ship's Counsellor - pyramus
Chief Medical Officer - nireena
Security Chief - threegee
Operations Officer - lordaerith
Tactical Officer - reverendtom
Transporter Chief - mortisnightmare
Morale Officer - safirerings - b/c we all know what kind of morale she can provide (even if she gets space herpes *ducks*)
Ambassador - athene - me
Head Pilot/Conn Officer - sylvanstargazer

my additions:
Annoying Engisn - queencimmy - *ducks* you know I love you baby!
Random girl in the background wearing that short dress - kitten
Red shirt - kjpepper - b/c she would die in a really great way that would be so sad for the rest of the crew.

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