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my dad

I feel like I'm loosing touch with my dad. I was calling him today (long-distance) to see what he thinks about the whole plane crashing into the WTCs and the Pentagon thing (i'm NOT going to call them terrorist attacks!) because he's a political scientist and all. So, he starts to tell me something, but then he gets ANOTHER long distance call and has to drop me. WHY??? I'm his daughter! he always said that I come first! well, i wanted to talk to him!!!!!!!!

Lately i just feel so distant from him. i mean, i feel like as soon as I told him i wasn't so sure about the whole being a college professor thing, he just became disinterested in my life. well, IT'S MY LIFE! and i want him to care about the things that I do! I want him to know that i'm an interesting person and to love me just as much for playing D&D as for reading Greek. but now, whenever i try to tell him about anything that's not academic, i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall. it hurts. I want my daddy to be my daddy. to ask me about WHAT I AM DOING and not just tell me how great he is and how interesting the paper he is working on is or how he won a fencing tournament (again). doesn't he care? my mommy does. she is generally interested in me and my life. but if i don't live upto the image of the perfect daughter and do perfect daughter things, daddy doesn't care. i wish he would.
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