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so much to say

wow, i feel like I really haven't updated (besides GRE/grad school stuff) in two weeks or so. Hmm...what is there to say? I've been settling into my work routine. Carpooling has been really good b/c the girl I carpool w/and I really get along. I'm currently bored at work. I have about half an hour of work left and I need to spread it out for the next 1 hour for today and the first 3 hours of tomorrow. That's not gonna happen.

oh, i saw some movies and stuff. saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was so much better than Underworld that I actually liked it a bit. Oh, and Aerith forced me to watch Ace Ventura, Pet Detective even though I swore an oath that I would never see it. There were only a few points where I laughed (the Star Trek IV reference).

And we watched Streetcar Named Desire (the director's cut). OMG! Such a good movie! So many things I want to say about it. Youth and fading beauty, secrets and lies, sexuality. Damn Brando is so hot in that movie... of course they didn't put back in the homosexuality speech. I wasn't really expecting them to (but was hoping).

what else? Oh, my sister came to visit last weekend w/some of her friends (including Pirate Wench). It was good to see her. I miss her so much. And we went to the Frenchman's party which was loads of fun, even if I was exhausted from the GREs that morning. I looked HOT! I hope they have another party. I can't wait to get copies of the pics Cimmy took w/her new digital camera.

Aerith and I skipped out of the trip thing on friday b/c we were tired and i was stressing about the GREs. I wonder if we can still get the trip. *shrug*

Last night watched ID4 w/Aerith. Hehehe. "Oh good, the Americans came up with a plan...b/c we're all so helpless w/out them." Then caught the end of the Superbowl. Was a good game at the end. umm...go Pats? Nope, still a Saints fan.

Lalalala...bored bored bored. Have been going through Sluggy. Read the whole Kitten storyline today.

I like this station. It's all Broadway stuff. I've heard some really cool stuff. Got to hear a bit of Amour which sounds really good. Too bad it had such a short run. Also heard 2 songs from Wicked. ahhh...what have they done to it???? I'm not sure if i want to see the musical now. I know i want to talk w/people about the book sometime.

Tomorrow looks to be a good day. I have a phone interview w/Mt Holyoke for a tech support position there. And the work people are having a discussion about me tomorrow to see about giving me more responsibility and stuff...of course they're still not hiring me perminatly or giving me a raise...*sigh* I think I need to be sending out resumes. I also need to look into getting teacher certified.

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