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Last night Aerith and I saw Bruce Almighty last night. It was acutally really really funny. Much better than I thought it would be. It had a more adult humor and still kept the phyiscal comedy. Yeah, it had some slow points, but was overall good.

So, so far today (which is 02/03/04) I did all the work that I had for the moring before 9am. So then I finished Reper Man. My supervisor came by and gave me the "people have seen you on the internet and if the higher ups moniter a lot of usage then I may get in trouble, so even though we all know you don't have a lot of work right now, try to keep the net usage down." Of course I have yet to get the mail for today so I don't have any new work yet.
update: mail didn't come today...oh, this will be an interesting day.

The call from Mt. Holyoke is expected in 10 minutes.

And tonight...THE DRESDEN DOLLS!

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