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the joys of chalking

SSFFS went out and chalked for our first meeting tonight. We met up at Seelye and split up into groups. BM, Amythyst and I were in a group.

We had SOOO MUCH FUN!!! we chalked all over the quad and near Wright Hall and in front of Neilson. it was just the best. we started chalking "got sci-fi?" and silly things like "Darth Vader says: Join the Sci-fi and fantasy society and you will grow strong in the way of the force" and "Tron - Oh the memories". I think the campus will know that there is a sci-fi meeting on friday :)

we each wrote a message by The Lady that was not sci-fi related.

it was good to be with friends doing "normal" things. espically other seniors. We are such a silly bunch. I hope the world is prepared for us!!!

p.s. ouch my hands and knees hurt from chalking.
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