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*happy sigh*

Went to the Dresden Dolls concert at the Iron Horse last night. lordaerith and I got there wicked early (an HOUR before the door opened) and stood in the door frame freezing my toes off (note to self, must aquire very tiny dragon for toe warming). But we were the first people in the door and got a really good table for pyramus, starrfade, and us. The first band (Running with Karma) was pretty good, but we kept waiting for them to rock out. J(ay) said that they can. He knows them.

Then the Dolls came on. OMG! Such a good show again. We were sitting in the perfect "Amanda will flash us the whole time" place. She is so amazing. So is Brian. They started with Miss Me and the Backstaber. I think Amada was crying during that song b/c her makeup started running down her face. I don't remember the whole set, but they played a cover of "Pierre". It was amazing. I knew every word. (note to self, find Really Rosie tape.) Of course they played Coin-Operated Boy and they ended with Girl Anachronism. Then they did an encore with The Jeep Song, something??, and then Truce. Aerith had never really listened to the Jeep Song before. He was cracking up.

After it was over we got to say Hi to a bunch of people and we got the cd signed by the band. *sigh* Happiness.

Went home and called queencimmy b/c I may be visiting her this weekend, pending storm. Didn't get to bed until almost 1am.

Talking about storms, it snowed quite a bit yesterday. The roads were really nasty heading into town. Aerith drove home, but it was just rain by then. But this morning the roads were all clear. The snow looks like it's perfect for snowball fights and making snowpeople. maybe will try to play after work today, if not dead tired.

Got a message at work from the person from Mt. Holyoke saying there was a miscommunication about the sent her an e-mail saying "This is the number to call me" but whatever. Left her a message and she is supposed to call me at 9am. And after that I'm getting trained on new things, yay! (b/c I still have nothing to do).
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