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"Cheerios...Now with ass" - Ed

The Barenaked Ladies concert was amazing!!! We were 18th row in the middle section, right in the center. I was dead center. I could see soo clearly! It was great! Especially b/c part of the joy of watching BNL is the way they play on stage and run around and are just generally silly!

The night started off w/lordaerith's sister and her best friend showing up late due to bridge traffic. We gave his sister the 1 pound, anatomically correct, chocolate heart from here. Since we didn't know what time they were getting in, we didn't make reservations anywhere. We headed out to the Brewery anyway and didn't have that long of a wait, but it seemed long. Good conversation over dinner, mostly about how crazy my future mother-in-law is.

We found parking near the Mullins Center pretty easily. Of course we ended up getting there during the last few songs of the second opening band. *sigh* I really wanted to see the first one, b/c she looked cool, oh well. We scoped out the tee's but none of them looked cool.

We got to our seats and discovered just how awesome they were. After a little bit these films started playing on the projection screens. They were really funny. One was of Ed making a jelly sandwich using up the entire jar of jelly and the entire loaf of bread. Another one was of Ed and Jim playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. They were keeping a tally on a blackboard. At the end, Jim threw "the bomb." It was funny b/c you could tell who all the gamer geeks in the audience were by the way they laughed at that.

Then the band came on! What an amazing show! They played so much stuff and the songs were from all of their albums. During "Shopping" they did this whole thing with shopping carts and moving in ways that made it look like old movies from the 20s with the girls in the water. They even poured boxes w/Cheerios in them over themselves. Ed was later talking about the smell of the cheerios after rolling around in it, hence the quote. I never realized exactly what "War on Drugs" was about, until they talked about it. *sigh* So sad, it almost made me cry. They played "Old Apartment" and "Brian Wilson". They even played "Be my Yoko Ono", which Aerith pointed out was an interesting choice b/c it's 40 years or so since the Beatles came to the States. I was screaming so much I'm surprised I didn't loose my voice.

The coolest thing is that they are now doing this thing that Aerith came up with LAST time we went to see them (2 years ago? The Maroon tour), which is making the exact concert avalible to buy. We should be able to go to in a few days and buy a copy of the concert. Hehehe. So cool.

Well, my break's over, so I better get back to work.

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