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Just got a poster of Magritte's Empire of Light I. Then I was looking at my postcards and realized that I really like his Empire of Light II better. Oh well. I'll put it underneith the large poster so i have both of them. Now I can finish decorating my room. I hope I have enough Sticky Tac, somehow I don't think I do. Oh dear. well, we'll seee. And I keep breaking the push-pins. Just goes to show that i suck at using a hammer.

Damn I love Magritte's art work!!! he's the coolest!!!

had a good weekend. hung out at Aerith's and baked cookies.

on sunday i went to the paganalia, which was a lot of fun and i got to hang out with some really cool people!!!

ok, time to work on the room!

we had some GREAT sex this weekend!!! :) On friday he was moving really fast and was rubbing against my clit in some amazing way that gave me probably one of the most intense orgasims that i've ever had!!!
Tags: art, magritte, room, sex, smith, tmi
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