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Geeky weekend

I had a very geeky weekend!

On friday I went to the Vampire LARP at UMass. was lots and lots of fun. At one point rinlage and I were really bored. What do two bored Brujah girls do? that's right, go into a random room and start sparing w/each other. We got Tommy to ajudicate and help us remember how things like Alacrity works.

On saturday I hung out w/verbena76 and worked on that Werewolf character that's been buzzing around in my head (Silver Fang raised by the Wendigo). I think she's really starting to come together. She's mostly on paper. I'm just waiting to spend most of the freebe points until after I role-play out her First Change. Before then I need to do lots of research.

Saturday night Aerith and I went over to kiten and dr. j's for a D&D DVD Choose Your Own Adventure. We picked the right choices and got the best ending possible :) Yay us. It was a lot of fun. I hope they come out with more of them.

Sunday I went out with the Frenchman. Over lunch I proceeded to be a total dork and talk about the werewolf character. Then he took me to the Butterfly place. it was so beautiful. When we sat down on a bench one of the large blue butterflies landed on my knee. It kind of tickled.

Sunday night was the Oscars and so some people came over to watch them. I have so much to say about the Oscars...but my break is almost over. So all I'll say now is that even though I really love Johnney Depp, I'm so happy that Sean Penn won. He does such amazing work that he really deserves the Oscar. And go LOTR!!! 11/11. wow! But to Peter Jackson's wife: get a (better) hair stylist, please!!!!

EDIT: Now that I finally got my One-Card, I plan on using the Smith gym. I should be going 2-3 times a week around 4:30/4:45pm. Any Smithie/alumna in the area who is free around that time want a gym partner? also, does anyone have an idea where i can park (for free) that's close to the gym (the meters don't run out until 5pm).

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