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I got my cd back

I thought I had written about this, but I guess I didn't.

About 2 weeks ago I put a CD in the drive on my work computer. As I was pushing it in, I noticed it was slightly off to the side, so I immedatly pushed the button to get the cd back out. The tray opened, but it was empty. So I pushed the tray in and out a few times to see if it would catch. No luck. I took the monitor off of the computer, disconnected all the cords, shook the computer a few times, and tried to open it up to see if I could see the cd or if it would fall out (by this time a few other people from the department were watching/trying to help me). Unfortunatly it being a work computer means that there is a padlock on the back that not only keeps the whole CPU from being stolen, but also keeps it from being opened up. Of course no one here had the key.

At some point in all of this I call tech support (which is in India) and explain that they can't help me but I need someone to come open my computer b/c I lost a cd in it. The person in India is confused, but can tell that I know what I'm talking about. So eventually I get a call from the tech people in Conn. The guy has me go through a few steps trying to catch the cd on the tray. I calmly try it and explain (again) to him that I feel no resistance when I push the tray in so obviously the cd is caught somewhere in the computer (I've also put in another cd and the drive plays it, yet again confirming my "it's not in the drive" theory) and all I need is the key or someone to come with the key and I can get the cd out myself. But does anyone in the building I'm in have a key? Nope. Could they send someone up that day? Nope. At least it was just a mix cd that i didn't like that much anyway.

Finally today the guy comes with the key. I shut down, and take the monitor off the cpu. He opens it up and there's the cd, sitting happliy above the cd drive. It takes 2 second to get out. *shakes head* Well, at least I have my cd back.

p.s. Am going to the gym today. I should be there around 4:30pm if anyone wants to meet me there.

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