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RIP Moray (nah, probably not)

On Saturday my Abberant character died. oops. And it really freaked lordaerith out. why? b/c in this game we are playing ourselves as superheros. Note to self, fiance does not need images of his fiancee w/her throat cut... But it was cool how it happened. See, there were these bad guys distroying the George Washington Bridge (and the lower part...the Martha Washington Bridge - hey, blame msfrizz for that one), this was after they had blown up a (mostly children's) hospital. Anyway, there was this thing-of-oozy-stuff-guy who was using the river to get away...well, I'm water chick (all who say "Hi Aquaman" will be lasered on sight) so I decided to follow it in the water and see where it went. It went into a warp hole, which I swam right through...oops. plan b - being water, hide in a puddle to do recon then teleport away. umm...that didn't now a blob of water floating in mid-air. damn those gravity controlling mutants! And then Zanek was eeevil and threw at me something I can't resist - a really cute chick in distress. How was I supposed to know she was evil? She was hot! Damn it! Bad Moray = dead Moray. But the really cool thing was that I got to go back to the group as the shape-changing demon that once lived inside of rogueactor. Playing the other side was fun. Aerith knew something was up b/c he knew that i'd never defend those who killed children. Hehe. I went to do recon for the good-guys and ended up as a double agent for the bad-guys. I think i sucked at it though.

The other cool part of the game was when we got in our first mass combat, Zanek turned around to draw the stuff on the whiteboard and while his back was turned we all put on the sock puppets of our characters that we had secretly made (Aerith and I made ours on friday night while watching A Knight's Tale yet again). I'll post pics of them as soon as I get them off the digital camera.

Sunday we had pyramus and starrfade over to watch the directors cut of Legend. Starrfade hadn't seen the movie in ages so first we watched just the intro of the origional version and then we watched the whole director's cut. Wow. Totally different. The origional soundtrack (not Tangerine Dream) is so much darker. And there's a lot of added stuff. Next time I see it I think I need to count the number of times that Lily says "princess." It would be amazing to show the two versions to different groups who'd never seen it and get reactions based on the music, the story, and the fact that the director's cut doesn't start with the little "this is the plot" screen.

Of amusment value: we decided to order dinner. We decided to try Fresh Pasta Co since they've just started delivering. First it's hard to order from them since their pastas, saucies, and entries change every day or so. But we figured out an order and placed it. All of a sudden we realize it's at least 40 minutes later and there's no food. So I call and they say the delivery person went out about 20 min ago. Now we only live 10 min (tops) from NoHo center. They are really appologetic (and we are hungry) and the manager is willing to make us new dinners. But while I'm on the phone w/her the delivery guy shows up. He got lost. Now why he didn't call us to figure out where we were, I don't know. But the manager was really sorry about the whole thing and so she brought us free dessert (espcially since the dinner was only warm by the time we got it, we actually threw the garlic bread in the toaster oven). So, if you're going to order delivery from them, make sure they know how to get to your place.

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