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wedding stuff (part 1)

I've been doing lots of wedding thinking lately. This is mostly for my own reference, although lordaerith, queencimmy, kiten, safirerings, and Ms. Mad Russian may want to look at it. (I'll be adding links later)

The ceremony/reception. We want an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception. I'm thinking an afternoon ceremony w/an early dinner and then a lot of dancing/partying.

I feel like there are 4 different areas where the ceremony/reception could happen, but no matter where it does, the place has to have a non-modern feel (or be able to be decorated in a non-modern way) and be able to have a nice sized dance floor.

1) Northampton/Hadley/Amherst. This includes Lord Jeffery Amherst Inn, Union Station, Look Park, and Hotel Northampton.

2) Between here and Boston. Harrington Farm, The Publick House, Wachusett Village Inn, Salem Cross Inn. They all look beautiful and are probably out of our price range.

3) North and the Birkshires. Chandlers Tavern, Warfield House Farm, and a bunch of places in the birkshires that i can't remember off the top of my head. I've ruled out the Butterfly place b/c it's too small.

4) South (Holyoke/Chicopee/Springfield/West Springfield/Westfield/Northern CT). Stanley Park (ceremony only - no alcohol allowed on site), Forest Park/Barney Carriage House, the Castle of Knights (don't forget the bridal show there on the 28th), the Log Cabin (probably too modern and expensive), the Delaney House, Storrowton Tavern, and others... We've already ruled out The Werehouse? b/c it just looks too weird.

I need to make a concrete list of places and start calling them. When mom visits go look at places with her.

I've already decided on the style of my bridesmaids outfits. of course the place i found it only has the dress in velvet (not in June!) and not a lot of colors. and i don't want the corset to be black. each one is going to represent one of the elements. I think it'd be really cool if the groomsmen had doublets that matched the color/style of the corset - at least on the shoulders.

for my dress, i have no idea. I love almost everything that Yosa does. I'm looking at the Lily, Temptress, Romantic, Miranda, Day Lily, and Faire Princess.

Ultimatly I'd love to find a really good seamstress in the area who could design and build all of the clothing at a not too expensive price.

Pirate Wench has offered to provide Ren Music during the ceremony. She's so cool!
Need to ask the goth community about a dj who'd be cool dressing as a minstral and spinning ren stuff during dinner and then a mix of modern/80s/goth/cool shit afterwards. maybe Addam???

I have a wedding band that matches my ring, but i think i'd like to get another one for everyday wear. i'm thinking Aerih and i could have matching designes, either greek or celtic or some combo of both.

I haven't really thought of anything else. Once a place is found then all the rest of the details can be worked on.
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