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Wedding dress

OMG! I'm so excited! Yosa wrote back to me and she is willing to make my wedding dress. I had written to her b/c I was worried that my scoliosis would cause problems if I was doing a mail order. One of the options that I gave her was that I could send her measurements on both sides of my body.

I'm not as much worried about the curve showing (it will anyway) as about comfort. I've often found with corsets that they push down hard on my left hip (the higher one) and that ends up causing me back pain. I'd rather have something that looks slightly off and is comfortable than something that looks perfectly even and hurts my back.

Does anyone with sewing experiance have a good idea for this? Yosa had some (i've included her e-mail below.

Thanks for letting me know about your fitting concerns. Have you found with dresses your have worn before that the dress looks off center?

If not, altering the pattern of the dress would point out the curve rather than hide it. The gown can be made to a standard size, to half way between the measurements for each side, or to the measure of each side. I can do any of these three options for you (won't change the price) the trick is knowing which one is going to be best for you.

As I don't have experience with this sort of fitting question, I might not be much help in determining what will look best. If you can let me know which fit is best, I will be happy to make the gown that way for you. (hopefully that made some sort of sense).

Another option would be that I can make the gown and leave the bottom of the bodice unfinished. You could then try it on, and place a line of safety pins on the bottom of the bodice where you want the edge to be, and send it back to me. I would then finish the bodice to that line and return it to you. That would increase the amount of time needed to make the gown a bit, depending on how long it took for the bodice to be fit to you and returned. While it would increase the cost of the gown by $50, it might be the best way to get the gown to fit well from the start!

thanks, and it would be my pleasure to sew for you!


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