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First of all, a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to walkingundine! May you have all the cadbury cream eggs you desire!

Last night Aerith and I decided to run errands in the snow. wheee...he drove. We got money from one bank and then headed over to the other bank to deposit some of it. Then we went to staples for writeable CDs to back up our harddrives with, bank ledger thingies (which they were out of), and a nice big box and folders for us to organize all the wedding stuff. Then off to Linen 'N Things for useful stuff. We got a new laundrey hamper since ours was all sorts of broken. When we got home I put it together all by myself. Rawr! We may even get another one so that we can sort warms and colds much easier. I love Linen 'N Things. I'll probably register there. Sorry blueraccoon, I think it's much better than Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Then we headed to The Hanger for wings and ribs. It was nice and not crowded. mmm...lots of leftovers, which is good.

Then back home in the snow. Aerith is so smart. He put the shovel in the trunk of my car before we left so that he could shovel the walk on our way to the door. :)

This morning I got to work 30 later than I normally do due to not being able to get up, forgetting things upstairs, and having to clean off Audrey. Oh well.

Break's over. Back to work for me.
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