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Did you know people spam fax servers? I didn't until I started doing the fax distribution (electronically off of the fax server). But do you know what's more annoying than fax spams (which are usually just one page ads)? Having someone (or an automatic fax machine) fax the same 2 page document 30 times in one evening. At least I could just delete the fax w/out it printing out and waisting paper. But it still made it so there were 50 faxes waiting this morning. Well, it gave me something to do.

Yesterday afternoon Aerith and I went out and played in the snow. It was fun. We threw snowballs at eachother and he tried to burry me in the snow. Then we came inside and warmed up and had leftover wings.

Tonight is the gym and then Trek.

Now to find something to do until the mail comes. E-picking, here I come. At least I have head-phones and a new cd w/11 hours of music on it. Yay for Avenue Q.

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