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more wedding

So I just called two places to go look at. I didn't tell Union Station the date of the wedding so we have an appointment to go look at it on Sunday at 4pm. But the lady at Look Park (who was very nice) informed me that all the saturdays for June 2005 are already taken. The only summer saturday they have left is July 9th. Wow. And I thought I was looking early. Now I'm panicing that I'll fall in love with some place but it will be unavalible.

I keep thinking about my dress. Now that I got that letter from Yosa I keep wondering how the dress will look. I'm also trying to debate about big skirts vs. non-big skirts and train vs. no train. And somehow i have to tell Lady J that I'm not going to have her make my dress, but would she be so kind as to take my measurements for someone else...well, i'm sure she'll understand (I hope).

bleh...lots of wedding stress and there's still over a year to go. I wish I had lots of work to do to keep me busy, but of course I don't.
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