Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

OOOOHHHH... I went to the gym yesterday. Last time I was there (over a week ago) I did 15 min w/a 3 min cool down. Yesterday I did 20 min w/a 5 min cool down. Oh, I hurt. But it's a good hurt. I like Olin so much. I was watchng Angel while I was working out. However, i only go to see half the episode. Now I have to go find out why Fred was running from her parents.

So, due to people being out of town and others being ill, wabres, pyramus, starrfade, lordaerith, and I wound up playing Risk. This is the first time I ever played Risk not on a computer. I didn't do too badly...or something. I actually owned all of North America for a little while (one turn). I think if I had known all the rules first I would have placed some of my troups differently at the beginning.

Aerith and his great leap of couch. *giggle* That's all i'm saying...

I brought some art postcards to work to decorate my cubical. it's a lot more colorful now.

I wish i had more exciting things to say...but i don't. bleh.

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