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Why oh why is the weekend over already?

It was a good weekend. Friday was Aerith and me time. :)

Saturday was Abberant game. it went pretty well, kind of weird.

Sunday Aerith and I went to Union Station to take a look at their banquet room. It's ok. Not great. Too modern, but at least there would be a nice sized area to dance.

We also started cleaning up the house (before and after the trip to Union Station). There is now almost no more recycling in the house (yes, even the big box went away). We did the laundrey and folded it right away. The study is about 96% clean! There is floor space again and almost no clutter. I also got an organizer for file folders from Staples a while ago and now all the wedding stuff is in it organized into nice little folders inside my organizer.

Cleaning schedual for this week:
Today - the bedroom including doing the handwashing
Tuesday - the bathrooms
Wed - the kitchen
Thurs - the dinning room/living room (so it's all nice for Trek)
Fri - Any last dusting and vacuuming

yup, that's the plan...let's see how it goes. I can't wait for spring to really warm up and then we can take the plastic off of the windows and open the whole place up again!

oh, and since my main e-mail isn't working currently, if you need to e-mail me, please use my lj address - athene [at] livejournal dot com. I have it set up to forward to a backup e-mail.

Right, back to work stuff.

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