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It's warmer out and I'm wearing my "white mage" shirt, which makes me happy.

I was feeling all weird and stuff (and listening to the Dresden Dolls probably didn't help), but thanks to the wonders of expired copyrights and open content I just read through The Yellow Wallpaper and now i feel much calmer. It's odd. Good, but odd.

The house is about 90% clean, which is nice. Once it's really spring and we can take the plastic off the windows and open them up we're going to clean out the closets and this will make me happy. My e-mail still isn't working properly *grrrs at darktouch*.

Aerith had a good idea for helping w/my dress, but the dressmaker won't do it. oh well. we'll try it her way. i'm sure it will work fine (i hope).

We've been getting into new series lately. HBO on Demand has "Sex and the City." We've watched about 8 episodes. I'm really enjoying it. Also, last night instead of Trek we watched the premier of "Firefly". Quite good, but the fact that all the actors looked familiar but I couldn't place some of them resulted in a mad dash to the imdb after it was over. the cute engener chick was in "Flash Forward".

verbena76 is good for my sanity.

I need to look more into grad schools. I'm starting to get some wanderlust.

I had more to say, but I can't remember what it is.

Edit: I remember - the mad russian is coming to visit this weekend!! eeeee!!!!! I'm so excited! I haven't seen her in so long that i'm overusing the exclamation point!!!!

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