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Time with the Ladies

This weekend was all about the ladies.

On friday night the Mad Russian showed up (after getting a little lost) slightly after 8pm. It was wonderful to see her again. We talked and talked and talked and showed each other pictures and talked some more. Then Aerith came downstairs from playing video games and we all taked and watched some Kathy Griffith on tv. that woman can be funny. We went to bed sometime after midnight.

Saturday Aerith left early to go to his mothers. Eventually MR and I got up and moving. We wanted to run to the store so I had her drive through the center of NoHo just to give her a quick feel for the place.

Around 2pm sundart showed up followed soon after by ~l (who came w/Handfasted and Heartjoined for me to borrow). The 4 of us hung out for a bit. I showed them some Strong Bad e-mails (espcially Trogdor). Then we went downstairs and had snacks and talked and stuff.

Between 5:30 and 6, ionia_dreaming showed up followed closely by starlighte and safirerings. Since Safire got there, we knew the drinking could begin ;).

We hung out, ordered enough chinese food for a small army, watched the first episode of "Sex and the City", talked more, watched Hairspray, made marguritas, and talked more. People trickled out around 11:30/midnight or so. Then MR and I stayed up and talked until almost 3am.

Of course my body decided to wake up at 9:30, but i used the time to read more of Grunts. Then MR and I got up, talked, ate, talked more and she finally left around 2.

Gods, I missed her so much. We've been best friends since we were 13. She looked so amazing! I'm glad things are going well in her life. And now that she's less than 2 hours away, we can see each other more. I guess it's my turn to go out there next :)

After MR left I got to play some Puzzle Pirates. Yarrr.

Then lordaerith came home. I missed'd him. So we cuddled and talked and watched more "Sex and the City" and he ranted about his mother.

Today Aerith and I are looking at The Castle of Knights.

Wed I want to try to see Lady J at her store.

Thursday is Trek/Firefly

Friday msfrizz is coming for slightly over a week (and Passover). yay for mommy!

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