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Pleasant Surprises

Aerith and I looked at The Castle of Knights yesterday. It's so nice and in our price range. And they are very enthusiastic about Ren Weddings and will allow us to bringing in special meed for the toast :). So we asked them to hold "our date" for us. They are going to hold it for 2 weeks and then we need to make a decision. So we still have some time to look at other places.

Then Aerith and I went to the mall b/c some bozzo messed up and we only got 0% financing on our tv for 4 days instead of 12 months, like it should have been. But we kept the receipt and so they should have it fixed by the end of the day today (if not, there will be some phone calls). Anyway, we decided to go to Kahunaville for dinner. Why have we never been there before?? Too much fun. I had a purple margarita. I'm such a lightweight.

Got some stuff for Passover at the store b/c it was on sale this week (passover's not until next week).

When I got home there was an e-mail from a friend of my parents who knows lots about Library Science.

Then today I geared myself up for another day of trying to find stuff to do, but I acutally have some work and it's work that's not boring.

Thus, I am in a good mood. Yay.

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