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And life goes on

3 years. I went back and looked at journals from last year and the year before. There's nothing before that. None of us had ljs (or those who had them weren't using them then). It makes me wonder what those entries would have said (am using coded initials to try to protect people).

Sunday April 1, 2001
This morning Aerith and I were disturbed by a phone call from CS. She said that she finally told his girlfriend what was going on and the g/f broke up with him. And that he jumped. That he was dead. I didn't believe her. Haha. April Fools. Tell me again tomorrow and I'll know it's the truth. But I think that I knew it was true. That i believed her, even though I didn't want to. You can tell by the way someone is talking on the phone.

A few weeks beforehand
Bumped into CS on the way back to Smith. We got to talking about things. I gave her some advice. Honesty above all else.

December 9th, 2000
Went to game last night. Brought KI with me. Game was dull, but we met up with this guy who is terribly fun to flirt with. Convinced him to come with us to the opening of Dungeons and Dragons. Should probably warn KI about flirting too much with him.

Last year I felt responsible. This year I feel more like a catalyst. Yet as I lit my death candle this morning in remeberance, I felt a strong sense of peace wash over me. I believe that his soul has found rest and is ready to move on.

This time may you find what you couldn't last time.

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