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New Mood!

Thanks to athanata, I now have a Labyrinth mood theme, gacked from girlfromsouth (who had a wonderful list of themes and gives really clear instructions on how to set one up). This makes me happy.

Talked to msfrizz last night. It's amazing how much clearer things can become when one talks to one's mother. I was over-planning the week that she is going to be here for, trying to fit in looking at tons of wedding places. But the answer is that when you find the right place, you'll know. So now I've narrowed it down to about 4 places that I really want to see and none of those grab me, then we'll start looking for the place that will fit the best, even if it's not perfect. Here's hoping one of these places will really work.

My regular e-mail is working again! yay! of course what's in my inbox? spam spam spam spam *starts singing spam song*

Time to figure out dinner and then wait for soggy friends to watch Firefly/Trek.

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