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Last night was the Mabon ritual. It was really amazing! We have such a good group of people in ASP this year. Hurray! We raised a lot of really strong energy for healing and clarity. I sent some to my mother. I hope she is doing better. I love the way communal eating helps to build community. ok, that sounds sort of silly, but it's true. I hope passing some sort of food around the circle for everyone to share happens at every ritual. It strenghtens our bonds to each other.

After the ritual, a bunch of us who were on ritual crack jumped into the fountain with the lady. hehehe. Then those who had been working w/energy for longer that a lot of us and who weren't in the fountain started singing and that really helped in grounding us. but i still was a little weird when i came back to my house.

Aerith said I stunk when we were lying on the couch watching Shakespear in Love. hehehe. but then i took a shower.

Last night when having sex, I had the goddess Aphrodite in my body. I asked her to be there while taking a shower. DAMN that goddess has a powerful affect. And I'm pretty sure that Aerith had some of Ares (the hot passionate firey part) in him. His eyes were on fire for us. It was really intense. And strange. I was me, but not me. I was in control of my body, but not. I think it's definatly something that I want to work on with Aerith.
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