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Ups, downs, and all overs

Mom's here. She missed her flight on Friday (due to exsessive traffic) and so she took a later flight, getting in at 12:30am Friday/Saturday.

Saturday was a trip to CostCo followed by meeting up with Aerith's mother and a trip to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. They had a whole exibit on William Steig's stuff. And the bookstore! OMG! It was every wonderful book from my childhood and more.

Then Aerith and I took our mothers out to Osaka for the habatchi table and then to Herrelds for ice cream.

Sunday we got a really late start, for a number of reasons, one being What a Girl Wants on HBO in HD. So, we finally headed out to Barre to look at Hartman's Herb Farm and the Coldbrook Resort.

Mapblast said it was only 1 hr away. Well, it was a little further than that. and while 202 isn't bad and 122 was ok, the road to Hartmans was aweful! I couldn't imagine people driving back from that and then an hour home after the reception. And when we got there, a place that looked so nice in the pictures was really run down. And the room wasn't really condusive to the size that we want. Basically it was a big disapointment.

Then we drove into the center of Barre and ended up having a really good pizza at this little pizza place.

Then we drove down to Coldbrook, but no one was there and it was just "ok". So I started to drive back and all of a sudden my "check engine light" came on. So I pulled over and we couldn't see anything wrong, but I asked him to drive the rest of the way back. The light was off when we turned the car back on but it came back on after a little while. Great! Another thing to worry about.

Monday was April 5th. I have not had luck with April 5th. Not to mention the car stress, wedding stress, it was the first day of my period, a full moon, and the first night of passover. I had already told work I was taking off the 5th and 6th.

Mom and I got up late and moving late. We realized that most reception places are closed on sunday. So we just started the chicken soup (with herbs bought at the herb farm - not a totally wasted trip) did laundrey, went to Big Lots, Table and Vine, and Stop and Shop for sader stuff.

Sader ended up happening really late at night (due to many factors including me freeking out - see above stress list), so it was the really really condensed version.

Today mom and I headed up to Greenfield where we found out poor Audrey is probably not firing on all cylindars...isn't that fun news. but since we were in the area, we went out and looked at the Warfield House Farm. It is absolutly beautiful. I asked the woman to put a hold on our date b/c I want to take Aerith back there (also now after reading over the info booklet I have a few more questions for her).

Then mom and I went to lunch at Chandler's Tavern and discussed why it wouldn't work for my reception. And I showed her a bit of Yankee Candle. And since we were nearby we called up and then stopped by the Deerfield Inn, which is totally wrong for me and much better for very rich WASPs. But then msfrizz and I got to see a bit of Historic Deerfield, espcially the graveyard, which was cool.

I realized today that there are lots of amazing areas only 30-45 minutes away that i've never explored. It sucks that Audrey can't do that sort of traveling.

I have to work tomorrow. blech.

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