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wedding (part 5, i think)

Since msfrizz has been here, I've definatly worked on narrowing down my list of places. I have a lot of places that i've cut out, so I won't list them here. But here is an updated list:

Places to go back to with lordaerith (and possibly queencimmy):

Places that I really want to look at before making a decision:

Back-up places (just in case - and part of me is saying look at them just to make sure)

also, I just called Dad and he confirmed the $$ that he is going to give. I asked him for some now so when we find/decide on a place we have $ for the deposit.

and I need to get my shit together about my dress as it's only on sale until the end of the month. therefore I must take a trip soon to Oddes Bodykins to talk to Starr.
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