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i just did my federal taxes. ok, aerith did them (mostly) and i just checked his math (which he messed up once) and wrote out the form in my handwriting. we had already done my state b/c i was getting some back. but i had messed up at RCN and put down 2 deductions not 1 or 0. the thing is that we noticed on my pay stubs that the amount of taxes taken out was very small, but the amount of money on the check seemed to be about right. of course i figured out the other month (when we realized I owed federal) that we forgot to count in the amount taken out for health insurance every pay check. oops. but then i got my studen loans thingy so i didn't owe quite as much as we thought i would. but i got some back from state (not as much as i owed federal). i wanted to write a note w/my check saying "please use this money for roads or schools. please do not use it for oil or war." but I didn't. but if any goverment spy thing is reading this, that is my wish.

wow, i am tired. it is very much bedtime.
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