Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

Winamp humor

So, I have Winamp playing this 11+ hour mp3 cd on random. It plays in this order:
The Saga Begins - Werid Al
Yoda - Weird Al
Star Wars Imperial March - Metalica

which, by the way, are no where near each other on the playlist. I guess it went on a Star Wars kick for a moment.

I have this weird red irritation on my left eyelid. It's right in the crease of my eyelid. Mom thought it might have been a pimple, but now there are 3 spots all close together. they didn't hurt more than slight irritation, but now the one that's almost in the corner of my eye hurts a bit more. but it's probably b/c i keep thinking there is eye crud in the corner of my eye so i keep rubbing at it. and it didn't help that i had an eyelash stuck in my eye that took me forever to get out. well, the first one that showed up is clearing up somewhat. and i don't think they are pimples. i really hope they go away soon b/c this is irritating

yesterday Aerith and I looked at Look Park. It was nice, but if we were to use it we'd need to hire a seperate caterer and find a place for the ceremony. also they are all booked up for saturdays in june of next year so if we went there i'd have to be a sunday.

today i'm leaving work early and heading to Starr's shop to have my measurements taken for my dress.

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