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*twitch* *grin* *twitch*

I think that the title is the best way to discribe how the weekend left me. OurCon rocked so much!!!! Played an Unknown Armies game based on The Breakfast Club run by reverendtom (I was Allison), played a modern d20 Muppets Horror run (I was Miss Piggy, and lordaerith does a really good Kermit impression), played Macho Women with Guns, and teased young college boys (and a few girls) who were playing "No Where to Run". Of course now I twich when watching the Muppet Show (which was playing at the con) or The Breakfast Club (which was on AMC last night). But it's a good twitch :)

Other highlights - meeting new people (like Zanek's g/f, Narn's fiancee, and Stick *giggle*), lots of gamer chicks, talking about my wedding, cute people removing cards from my shirt with their teeth.

am now very tired. i don't wanna work. i wanna play outside. i got to eat lunch outside. it was nice.
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