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more wedding

before i get into the actual post, I should say that yes, there is Trek tonight.

also, as they are cracking down on my internet usage at work, i'm not going to try to not read LJ as much while I'm here.

Aerith and I have been doing a lot of looking at places lately. Right now I'm leaning towards The Warfield House and Stanley Park. They both have very different feels. We've ruled out the Red Barn at Hampshire and the Carrage House at Forsest Park. The Carriage House is beautiful, but the wallpaper...well, let's just say that if it was a Victorian and not a Renaissance style wedding, it'd be a perfect place to hold it. The Carriage House really is an amazing place though. It was cool just to walk around it. This saturday I'm taking Aerith to look at the Warfield House. Then hopefully we'll be able to make a decision on a place or decide that we need to keep looking.

in other exciting news, I put my order form and measurements in the mail today and I should be paypal-ing Yosa the $$ for the dress tonight. eeek! it's soo cool. i'm so excited about my dress.

ok, break over. time for more work.
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