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Trading Spaces

Last night Aerith and I watched the last "Trading Spaces Home Free" show. It was a live show w/recaps of the compition and at the end the winners were reveiled. the finalist were the light blue team and the yellow team. Having watched almost every episode of the show, I have to say that these were my two favorite teams. It was hard to choose, but I chose the light blue team because of the way they worked together and their amazing creativity. It seems that most of the people who watched liked them too b/c they won with 70% of the vote.

The amount they won by really shocked me. I thought it would be a lot closer. Aerith pointed out that the Light Blue team always won their round by a large percent and the Yellow team always had a smaller margin. While this is true, I can't help wondering if part of it had to do with looks. The Light Blue team is a young couple (they've only had their house 14 months). They look very All-American and are a good model of a little family (they have a 9 month old baby). Granted they are awesomely cool, doing model building (of dinosaurs and things) and stage makeup. The Yellow team is from Puerto Rico. They are older, in fact they have 4 kids and two grandkids (they are younger than my parents though). They've owned their house for 8 years. They were so wonderful to watch though. Full of life, just having fun, really cool. It makes me wonder why the Light Blue team won by so much. Did people vote by looks as well as by style? Is "america" still so biased? If so, was the compition fair? Or did the Light Blue team just outshine the Yellow team? They were a lot cooler about handeling the challenges that were thrown their way. But still, I can't help but wonder if race was the real reason for the win.

and, on a ligher note, I just got carded for buying Lotto tickets. yes, safirerings, you're free to laugh now.

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