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weird things

Tuesday night I went to an info session for Simmons College Library and Information Sciences. It was really informative. I don't think that I want to go to their program (it really is designed for part-time students and i want something more full time and also they don't have a lot of IT components at the Mt. Holyoke Campus).

After it was over I offered to drive this Hampshire student I was talking to back to Hampshire, so she wouldn't have to take the bus. We were talking about my wedding and stuff during the trip to see the Mt. Holyoke library. When she asked me how Aerith and I met, and I said a Vampire Game at UMass, she said I might know her friends. So we talk about things some more and I find out that not only is she involved in Excalibur at Hampshire, but her boyfriend is a high school friend of my ex-girlfriend. So we chat about gaming and things for a while after we get to Hampshire and then we trade e-mails. I know she has a livejournal, but I haven't really had time to go searching for it yet :) *sings "It's a Small Valley afterall"*

And yesterday on Angel Andrew was wearing a Strong Bad shirt. So cool!!!!!!

p.s. trek/sci-fi night is happening tonight. y'all better show up!!!

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