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jaunt to new york

I am in New York at Sarah Lawrence right now. I left work at 3:30 and drove straight down here. the traffic wasn't that bad, i didn't get into any accedents, and i only made one wrong turn (which i quickly realized and was able to fix). I'm pretty impressed that i mannaged to make it down here w/out the directions this time. Yay for a good sense of direction.

I am at Sarah Lawerence b/c my sister is performing Stand Up Comedy tonight. I'm so excited. I've been telling her that she should do this for years. I know she'll be wonderful. She's currently at the theatre (her call was at 8). Pirate Wench and I will be heading over there in an hour or so.

So, the plan is that I take a quick rest now, see the show, pass out, get up tomorrow, drive back to MA and put in a half day of work. It should be fun. actually, the ride down wasn't bad. it took me under 3 hours, even w/a little bit of slow traffic on the Hutch (and around exit 3, but not as bad as last time. Aerith, I guess it's just like that there for some reason).

Ok, time to rest.

note to self, talk about trojan women, troy and song_of_troy soon

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