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an overdue post

I keep meaning to post, but forgetting/not having time.

Had a really good weekend, even if it was a weekend of early morning thunderstorms. I can't remember what we did on friday, but at 5am we were woken by the rain.

Saturday Aerith and I ran some errands, including geting Baby's oil changed and going to CostCo. We only bought one thing at CostCo that wasn't on our list. We deserve a star or something for that.

Around 4 deryvan and ~l showed up and we watched Confidence which was pretty decent, but borrowed a little to much from The Sting. Then we watched Pulp Fiction (which ~l had never seen), but interupted it twice. once for a candlelight dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus w/this yummy red wine brought by our guests, and once to get peach pie and aerith-made raspberry ice cream.

at 3am we were woken by the rain

sunday Aerith and I got up late(ish), had a tickle fight, actually got up, and went downstairs for breakfast. Matrix Reloaded was on HBO so we watched it (from about half way through). We then started our 5 loads of laundry, went to the store, got Matrix Revolutions, came home and finished the 5 loads of laundry while watching the Animatrix (which had some really cool parts). We put on Matrix Revolutions with dinner. I have to say that I liked it a lot better than Reloaded. And that seeing Reloaded that morning and Animatrix that afternoon really helped in understanding some things and some connections that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

at 4am i was woken by the rain.

at work on monday it was raining so hard we could hear it on the roof.

yesterday I started reading the second book of the "Four Lords of the Diamond" (after finishing the first book), which is about a planet where people can switch bodies, which sounds all nice and fun until you find out that the powerful people will force switch bodies with young people so the powerful people can "live forever". anyway, last night I had this dream where I was in a store and there was this random party of little kids (10-ish) who were celebrating this one girl's birthday. Then Madonna (in a body that didn't look like Madonna's body, but we knew it was her) showed up and said it was time. The girl stood next to Madonna and Madonna broke open this thing on her belly button ring and then they switched bodies. The girl (in the woman's body) was very upset so we tried to calm her down. Then we were walking down some stairs (which were like the stairs to the downstairs of Talbot House, i think), and the girl in the woman's body was starting to have trouble remembering things, like her name. Also at some point somebody made a joke about Michael Jackson and body swapping, but it turned out to be true.

ok, bed for me now.

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