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Let there be Trek

...and there shall be and it shall be good.

yup, there is Trek tonight. Everyone should come because we have a special surprise. They will be at Trek so you should be too. Please try to be there by 7:15-ish.

in other news, lordaerith caused another entry in my list of toe injuries. well, ok, this one's not nearly as bad as the others. it's the big toe on my right foot (the one i once broke). See, on Tuesday I was countering his attack and my toe ran into his chest and made a nice cracking sound that we both heard. It hurt, but it definatly wasn't broken. I iced it for a bit anyway. it's mostly fine now, just a little pain when i put preasure on it in the wrong way. and no, safirerings, we're not cutting off my toes, i could never be a foot model then.

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