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a long expected update

I kept meaning to update about my wonderful weekend, but forgetting/not having time.

Friday the Frenchman picked me up and we got fixings for dinner and a copy of Blazzing Saddles (which he had never seen) from the video store. There was dinner and a movie and strawberries in front of the glowing fireplace. It was good *G*

Saturday was a trip down to space-crime, then napping/watching Aerith play FFX (well, blitzball specifically), and finished Blackadder II.

Sunday we finally broke down and bought a grill. Yay!!! I *heart* charcoal grills. Then we went to the store, rushed home, and made something to eat. I meant to clean so we weren't playing on top of stuff, but I didn't get a chance. But it was ok. Game went really well. My character (Leonara) has started a collection of kobold fingers. hehehehe. yay for hated enemies. serioth had to leave early, so then Aerith, Kiten, Dr. J, Lis, the Frenchman and I played Apples to Apples for a few hours. OMG! I hadn't laughted that hard in ages. We were having so much fun. I love that game so much.

Monday (!) Aeirth and I met up with the Frenchman and Lis and we all went down to Six Flags. We all got our seson passes set up, and Aerith and I got a parking pass. First ride: The Scream. I trid the penny on the knee thing, but I don't think i did it right. However, we did drop much faster than the penny, which sort of hoovered in mid-air before disapearing (aerith claims it almost killed someone who was waiting for the Thunderbolt). Then we waited for an hour and a half for the front of the Superman. But so so worth it. I love that ride. Then food. then the Joker's Wildcard Ride, which is a spinny ride. Lis and I kept trying to pull ourselves away from the boys and then we'd let go and bang back into them. hehehe. there was no one waiting for the ride, so the opperator asked us if we wanted to go again. everyone one the ride started chanting "more." so we got to do the ride again. and then backwards. we were all REALLY dizzy when we were finally let off the ride. So then we watched the Batman craptacular show. so cheezy. but there was fire. we were all pretty pooped after that so we called it a day.

yesterday aerith and i did laundry, cleaning, and watched Blackadder the Third. Aerith made stakes and potatoes on the grill and I held the time honored position of holding the plate, fetching stuff, and making the broccoli. the food was so good.

today i met up with Safire after work and we hung out at the mall until i had to drive her back to UMass to her class. then i got stuck on rt 9 b/c there were 2 ambluances.

tomorrow is trek/firefly.

friday is Harry Potter at 7:30pm

saturday is maybe driving with the Pepper lady and then D&D.

sunday is Abberant game and then the Tony's. Go Avenue Q (which has a new song up on it's website just for the Tony's. it's soooo funny!!!!)

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